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Namibe Port

The port of Namibe is located 15º12' S and 12º09' E and is the third most important harbour of Angola. Former Moçamedes, this port situated in a rich fishing zone, has good potential of development, the proximity with great agricultural conditions of province of Huila being also important.


The harbour has 870 m of piers, divided in 3 zones: Zone 1=260 mts, Zone 2=130 mts, Zone 3= 480 mts. The harbour authority "Porto do Namibe" disposes 1 tug, 3 cranes from 5 to 15 tons, a 40 Tons container loader and has railway facilities.


The port handles about 200.000 tons a year, including 2500 TEU in and out. Commodities handled include foodstuffs, building material and equipment to the neighbour province of Huila and outbound cargo such as fish, seafood and agricultural goods mainly to Luanda and other ports of Angola as well as some exports of marble and granite.


Maximum draught allowed is 10 mts in zone 3, 8 mts in zone 2 and 6 mts in zone 1.

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